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Our History

The Asian Pentecostal Society was birth after its “Preparatory Meeting” that was held in Yoido Hotel, Seoul, Korea in that historic date of 21st September 1998. The meeting was well represented by participating Pentecostal scholars from all over Asia.

Many preliminary issues were discussed culmination with the election of the Charter Committee of the society. The first general meeting will take place at 5:30 p.m. Sept 22, 1998 at the 11th floor of educational building 2 of Yoido Full Gospel Church.

The elected officers were:-

Chairman: Dr. Wonsuk Ma

First Vice-Chairman: Dr. Miguel Alvarez

Second Vice President: Dr. Paulson Pulikottil

General Secretary: Dr. Yeol-soo Eim


The society holds annual conference and bi-annual General Meeting cum conference for the election of it officers.


The Present Officers are:-

Chairperson: Dr. Joseph Suico (Philippines)

Vice-Chairperson: Rev. Lim Yeu Chuen (Malaysia)

Secretary: Rev. Gani Wiyono (Indonesia)



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